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Our Alteryx Services


Training and Development

 One of the best things about Alteryx is its ease-of-use, however, becoming well versed in some of the more advanced features of the tool takes time. Altab offers on-site or virtual training that take your Alteryx knowledge to the next level.


 A proof of concept from Altab will show you exactly how Alteryx can be used to solve your data blending and analytics challenges.  Our POCs also provide a clear path forward on how to best implement into production.

Alteryx Health Check

An Altab Alteryx Health Check provides an independent review of your Alteryx solution.  It identifies strengths, weaknesses and areas to more efficiently implement Alteryx and align with Alteryx best practices.

Healthcare Services

 Altab can help you understand, analyze and execute your healthcare real estate, service line and marketing strategies.  Altab understands the specialty data and analysis techniques relevant to the healthcare industry. 

Gallery Implementation

 The Alteryx Gallery allows users to publish analytic apps and macros securely to the cloud.  This allows users to consume apps through a highly intuitive and engaging experience.  Altab can guide you through the Gallery set up process to distribute the power and value of Alteryx throughout your organization.

On Demand/Ad-Hoc

We get that businesses today move fast and sometimes you need a solution now.  We can supplement your existing staff for short term overflow engagements or provide a fully functioning turn key solution to your last minute fire drill.

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