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Healthcare Services


Healthcare Real Estate

 Experts in leveraging healthcare data and analytics to provide valuable insights into WHERE to locate your facility.  We assist our clients in creating Alteryx tools to guide them in site selection for a single facility or optimizing the location of all facilities in a market.


 We understand the data driving decisions in the healthcare industry.  We are well versed in leveraging data that estimates the demand for specialists and procedures in a trade area as well as the plethora of data available from CMS and Alteryx that can be implemented to power your healthcare related analytics.

Service Line Optimization

Altab can help you understand, what types of specialists to staff at each facility.  We consider the demand for each specialists expected to originate from each trade area as well as the existing network of specialist currently serving the trade area.

Market Opportunity

Armed with insights and a firm understanding of the objectives, we can help you quantify the potential market opportunity for an acquisition target.  Understand the current network of locations as well as the potential number of new locations that may be able to operate in the market(s).


Target existing patients or prospects with precision using our marketing analytics.  Database profiling, predictive modeling and spatial analysis.  Build a strategy using analytics to target with success. Who are your existing patients? Where are the patients and prospects located? How to best reach your patients and prospects?

Patient Profiling

More granular than simple demographics, we show you how to include the Alteryx bundled Mosaic Segmentation and psychographic data in your analysis to better understand your patient's interests, hobbies and media preferences.

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