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Marketing Services


Marketing Services

Altab can help you understand, analyze and execute your marketing services strategy.  Altab offers analytics, modeling, campaign performance and response analysis consulting to help MSPs get faster and more accurate results.  

Direct Marketing

 Experts in leveraging marketing analytics to provide valuable insights and answer key marketing questions.  We assist our clients in maximizing the potential of their customers and guide them in targeting the best prospects with precision.


Target customers or prospects with precision using our marketing analytics.  Database profiling, predictive modeling and spatial analysis.  Build a strategy using our analytics to target with success.


Armed with insights and a firm understanding of the objectives, we are ready to take action. Our offering here is vast and ranges from business intelligence reporting to campaign management.  Altab is your turn key provider for all of your data and analytical needs.


 Expert predictive model builders with experiance across many industries.  We build: predictive prospecting models, predictive cross sell models, lifetime value models. We lead the way in turning mounds of transaction data into actionable, usable intelligence.

Data Warehousing

Marketing data warehouse design and implementation. We create a data repository housing pertinent marketing data from multiple sources.  This data is combined in a uniform structure to support your analytical, reporting and campaign needs.  Data hygiene and integration are ongoing to ensure accurate actionalble data.

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